Confirmation & Reaffirmation


Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation are three ways in which adult baptized members can strengthen and grow in their commitment to God. In the Episcopal Church, "adult members" are those who are baptized members and at least 16 years of age.

Confirmation, one of our seven Sacraments, is for those who were baptized as infants or young children and are now "confirming" the promises made on their behalf by their parents and godparents at their baptism.

Reception is for those transferring from another denomination who have already made an adult affirmation of faith in that tradition.

Reaffirmation is for those who have had a significant renewal in their faith and want to acknowledge this publicly. Reaffirmation is a repeatable rite.

Confirmation, Reaffirmation, and Reception are administered by the bishop at his yearly visitation to St. Dunstan's. Interested youth and adults are required to attend a course of instruction prior to the bishop's visit. To learn more, please contact the church office at (619) 460-6442.