Dunstan's Doin's Online Abbreviated Version

Sunday Worship Service Reminders:

  • The Bride's Room - Babies and children are always welcome at all our worship services, but we know sometimes parents like to step away with their children from the service for a minute or two. During these times, the Bride's Room is available with a TV monitor to view the service in private. The Bride's Room is located (when facing the church from the parking lot) on the left side of the church entrance, adjacent to the women's restroom, and is furnished with a couch, chairs, and tables. This room is perfect for those who would like a few moments alone during the service. Please feel free to close the door if you need additional privacy.
  • Healing Prayer Team is available during Communion in the courtyard (or Bride's Room in cold weather).
  • Hearing aid wearers with T-coil can now hear the service directly through their hearing aids. Others desiring hearing assistance may check out a portable receiver and headset.
  • Communion: Please tell an usher if you would like to receive communion where you are seated
  • Nursery is available for children ages infant to 2+ years
  • Scrip sold after each services.

News & Announcements:

newsPlease check the Doin's in this Sunday's Bulletin for complete details.

Flower Chart - Please sign up for your favorite dates to remember a loved one or event. Only $25 per sign up, and it supports our beautiful altar flowers. After the flowers are arranged they are broken down in smaller arrangements and taken to those who are ill, celebrating an event, or who need cheering up. Please support this program by signing up this Sunday! The chart will be in the courtyard after both services. 

Book Cart - Parents, please look for the book cart at the entry of the church, and select a book bag for your child to use during the service.