Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.  Psalm 33:3

easterchoirHow do we praise the Lord? With the blast of organs, the harmony of voices, the strumming of guitars, the clapping of hands, the playing of strings, and the blare of trumpets. (Sometimes all in the same service.)

But no matter what instrument or song is being played, the mission of our music ministry is to enhance our worship experience.

Music at every hour -  No matter what service you go to, you can expect uplifting songs and music.

8:00 a.m. Worship Service features traditional hymns and organ music.

10:30 a.m. Worship Service includes St. Dunstan's Parish Choir, the organ, piano, guitars, handbells, and children's choir.

Praise Him in song: the Parish Choir - St. Dunstan's enjoys the talents of our wonderful choir. A fine mix of gents and ladies, they often sing traditional hymns accompanied by the organ. But don't be surprised to see them whip out the tambourines and belt out a rocking gospel song. The ever-changing music keeps everyone on their toes, or we should say, on their feet.

As talented as the choir is, they're not here to perform, they're here to help lead in song. And while they appreciate your applause after a particularly moving piece, the best way you can show your appreciation is by joining in song.

Praise Him with organ pipes - When you walk into the church one of the first things you notice is the organ pipes. "It has a wonderful sound and is a delight to play," says Parish Musician Greg Funk.

Praise Him with stringed instruments. And violins. And cellos too - We're blessed with many instrumentalists who share their gift of music. Guitarists often accompany the choir and organ or lead acoustic selections. Standup base, violin and flute are other frequently featured instruments.

Praise Him with trumpet sound - If you've ever made it to St. Dunstan's for Easter or Christmas Eve (we also hope you join us the 50 other weeks a year), you have probably been wowed by trumpets. Guest trumpeters and other brass players help make these high holidays extra special.

Praise Him with chimes - The St. Dunstan's Bell Choir plays throughout the year and is especially busy during the holidays.

The Victory Choir - Children's and Teen's Choir - Directed by Debbie Berglund, some of St. Dunstan's youngest members through teens praise God with their developing voices.

Concerts and Outings - In recent years the choir has hosted several concerts to showcase their musical talent outside the services. As an outreach, the choir has also sung at Grossmont Center during the holidays and brought yuletide cheer to seniors in convalescent homes.