Sharing Your Musical Gifts

Come sing, play, and make a joyful noise with us.choirproc3

Parish Choir - To join the choir, we ask that you:

  • Be able to carry a tune
  • Be able to count to four
  • Show up regularly
The choir is seriously one of the nicest groups of people you'll ever meet and we nearly spend more time laughing than singing.

Instrumentalists. - Whether you play the flute, cello, guitar or any other instrument, we are happy to incorporate any musician into the service. We'll select some musical pieces that showcase your instrument. Rehearsal times can be arranged. For more information, please contact Greg Funk, Parish Musician, at (619) 460-6442.

Handbell Choir

Our handbell players are a dedicated group. Handbell pieces differ by the number of bells needed, so the more ringers we have, the more pieces that are available to be played. We are always happy to add new ringers. Attendance is extremely important, and the ability to read music is very helpful.

Children's Choir - Participants are in grades 2 to 8. They don't have to know how to read music but they will learn the basics during practice.

Choir Fundraisers - Every year, the choir hosts a fundraiser to help cover the cost of their annual retreat.

Choir Retreat - Every September, the choir goes on a weekend (one day) retreat to sing, pray, and play. It is a time of music, fellowship and rejuvenation.