Music Selections

How Music is Selectedgregrocks

It's not Onward Christian Soldiers every Sunday - As Parish Musician, one of Greg Funk's primary roles is selecting the music for services. "It's one of my favorite parts of my job," says Greg.

"One of the first things I do is read the weekly readings for inspiration," he reports. "Or sometimes we have a special theme that week that I try to reflect in the choice of music."

"One of my gifts is being able to select a diverse, yet harmonious mix of music. At St. Dunstan's, the same service might have a classic choir anthem accompanied by organ and a foot-stomping guitar song. Neither one is out of place here. One way to achieve that is to intertwine the instruments; a violin can play Bach or a Scottish fiddle tune, the sustained organ sound can be used as a background for the guitar, and a piano can play gospel or Mozart."

"While I always appreciate it when someone says they enjoyed the music, when a parishioner reports that the music moved them or enhanced their worship, that's when I know I've really done my job," says Greg.

Several years ago, Greg put together a St. Dunstan's exclusive special music hymnal supplement, Make a Joyful Noise, commonly known as the J-Book. It contains popular hymns, folk music, and contemporary Christian music selections and even some pieces written by Greg and other parishioners. Other communities such as Cursillo and youth ministry will also find some of their favorites there.