Prayers & Squares

prayerssquaresThe Power of Prayers & Squares

Almost every Sunday you can see a priest praying over quilts to be given to people in need of loving prayers. Prayers & Squares is a ministry that makes quilts, prayer squares, and prayer bears. Each is prayed over by many people and given to those in need of physical, emotional, or mental healing.

"It's a tremendous outreach," says Sharyn, a Prayers & Squares member. "The quilts are a physical manifestation of God's love."

Squares was established in 1992 at Hope United Methodist Church in Rancho Bernardo. Currently there are 1044 chapters in 49 of the United States and 12 countries worldwide.

Many recipients of the quilts report that they feel an overwhelming sense of God's love and experience actual healing when they wrap themselves inthe quilts. "We say a prayer as >we sew each piece. People say a prayer as they tie a knot. It's all about the prayers," says Prayers Squares chapter president Sandia. "Prayer works."

Sewing with love.
The quilters meet on the first and third Mondays of the month at 9 a.m. A group of quilters also meets occasionally on Saturdays. They enjoy great fellowship as they sew and pray. Do you have to know how to sew to join in? "Of course we need some sewers but we're more than willing to teach people how to do some of the other jobs, such as putting the ties into the quilt," says Sharyn. "The ties not only hold the three layers together, but are also the vehicle for prayer. It is when the knots are tied that people say a prayer for the recipient. This is a very important job that anyone can do if they are willing!"

Other ways to help.quilts
Please know that even if you can't come to the Monday meetings, you can still play an essential role in this ministry by stopping by the quilt table after Sunday services to pray and tie. Your prayers and ties are a vital part of this ministry's success, and we need your help every Sunday. Monetary donations are also greatly appreciated to help offset the cost of making the quilts.

How do I request a quilt?
It's easy to request a quilt after you have made sure the recipient would like one. Simply call the church office or talk to any Prayers and Squares member at the quilt table on Sunday mornings. You can also fill out a pink form found in the far right cupboard in the quilt room (first shelf). These quilts are for anyone needing prayers, whether for illness, life challenges, or any other need. You can request one for yourself or for someone else. They don't even need to go to St. Dunstan's in order to receive one! Also, if you already have a prayer quilt, you can request to have the quilt re-tied if a new situation arises. Just give the quilt to a Prayers and Squares member, and more ties will be added so that the person can receive more prayers on a Sunday morning.

Once requested, the quilt will be selected and brought into the church on Sunday morning. The priest will pray over it. The quilts will then be placed out front (or in the Parish House depending on the weather) where people stop, tie, and pray. The quilt will be available for the recipient after the second service, or picked up in the church office Monday by the person requesting the quilt. It is then that person's responsibility to deliver the quilt to the recipient.

Prayers & Squares is always accepting material and monetary donations. Work can also be completed at home.
Please contact Sandia if you are interested.