Flower Guild & Ministry

flowersPraising God with Color and Beauty.

Those flowers you see up in the sanctuary every week aren't just beautiful, they manage to glorify God three times. First, they're given in honor of people or a special occasion. Second, they're arranged by the Flower Guild to create an inspiring backdrop for worship. Third, the Flower Ministry creates smaller bouquets to send out to parishioners and other community members. Indeed, they are hardworking flowers.

The Flower Guild: A team effort. 

The Flower Guild is responsible for the stunning arrangements you see every week. The Flower Guild works in teams of two, each covering one week a month. On Friday morning, a team heads over to the florist to buy flowers and then arranges them at the church into two large arrangements for the sanctuary. The Flower Guild is always looking for new team members. No experience in floral arranging is necessary. With enough teams, the commitment is only one Friday a month.  

"The whole process takes about three hours just once a month," says Flower Guild Chair Mary K. "I love flowers but I certainly had no experience arranging them. When I joined the Flower Guild, I was teamed with an experienced partner and just learned by watching.  And now, sometimes I just step back and see the glory of God and say, 'Thank you, God.' "  

The Flower Ministry: Sharing God's love. flowerguild

After services, ushers carry the large flower arrangements into the Parish House and Flower Guild volunteers rearrange them into smaller bouquets to be delivered to community members. Flowers are sent to people as thanks for service, in honor of birthdays or anniversaries, and to the sick and shut-ins.  

"It's wonderful to send bouquets," says Jillian, Flower Ministry coordinator. "Reaching out, that's what a church is supposed to do."  As Flower Ministry Coordinator, Jillian organizes flower arrangers and drivers to make deliveries.

Each bouquet includes a notecard with the prose: These flowers have been graced by their presence at the altar of God during a worship service at St. Dunstan's church. It is our earnest prayer on this occasion that in beauty and fragrance they now carry God's love.  

How can I get involved? 

Flower Guild: To help arrange flowers, please call Mary K.or the church office. 

Flower Ministry: To volunteer to make bouquets to go or be a driver, please call Jillian or the church office. 

How can I give flowers in honor of someone?
Sign up at the Flower Board outside the church on Sunday. You can give flowers in someone's memory or to celebrate a birthday or special occasion.  Your $25 donation helps support the cost of sanctuary flowers.  

How can I suggest someone to send flowers?
If you want to show appreciation for someone's volunteer effort or know someone who is sick, give Bev Brickhandler a call by Friday morning at (619) 460-6442. 

How can I get help with flowers for a wedding or funeral?
The Flower Guild can assist at these occasions.  Please call Mary K. or talk with the priest or church office when you are scheduling the service.