Daughters of the King

pewDaughters of the King, founded in 1885, is an order for Episcopal Church women and churches with the historic Episcopate. Every Daughter pledges herself to a lifelong program of prayer, service, and personal evangelism, dedicated to the extension of Christ's kingdom and to the strengthening of the spiritual life of her parish. By the reaffirmation of the promises made at Confirmation, every Daughter undertakes a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service. Daughters are ordinary human beings enabled by God's grace to do His work. There are more than 26,000 of us in the United States and throughout the world.  The Daughters at St. Dunstan's pray on a daily basis for those in our church and community and many of us are engaged in ongoing monthly devotional studies. For preparation for admittance into the Order of the Daughters of the King,  participants must complete an eight week study period. Please contact the church office for details.